Perpetually Unfinished
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Item: I am so tired of my cell phone demagnetizing things. Hotel room keys, DC Metro cards, what have you. What is it in cell phones that does that? Is it possible that someone could invent one that doesn't? Or couldn't places just use some sort of scan-strip technology that doesn't go crazy when it gets near cell phones? I can't be the only one with this problem...

Item: So now I know why they call it a double-take. The other day I was sitting at my desk at work. I hear "Hi Britt" and turn around. "Oh, hi, Alicia." One of my coworkers, just saying hi, nothing out of the ordinary, let me hit send on this e-mail and then I'll talk for a sec. In the middle of turning my head back to my computer, I snap it back. Wait a minute, something is out of place, this is a coworker who left the office six months ago! Take two! "Hi, how've you been?!"

Item: I am totally jealous of little kids these days. Those sneakers with the wheels in the bottoms, that you can just roll on... so cool! Hey, I have small feet, you think they make them in my size?
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Nature attains perfection, but man never does. There is a perfect ant, a perfect bee, but man is perpetually unfinished. He is both an unfinished animal and an unfinished man. It is this incurable unfinishedness which sets man apart from other living things. For, in the attempt to finish himself, man becomes a creator. Moreover, the incurable unfinishedness keeps man perpetually immature, perpetually capable of learning and growing.
--Eric Hoffer

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