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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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Happy New Year!

I seem to have given in entirely to the idea of a long, sprawling list of resolutions (perhaps because it makes it almost inevitable that I'll succeed at something, by chance alone). So without further ado, here are my 2006 resolutions:

1. Write at least 15,000 words (of fiction or creative non-fiction) every month.
2. Volunteer on a weekly basis.
3. Do a full aerobic workout at least 3 times a week, often more.
4. Practice better dental hygiene. Floss every day.
5. Cook healthier and more creative foods on a regular basis.
6. Get more organized, physically and mentally. (Keep to-do lists and follow them. Set deadlines and goals for myself and stick to schedules. Stop falling behind on e-mails with people. And keep my personal possessions more neat and organized, both at home and at work.)
7. Be mindful and purposeful about improving all of my friendships and relationships on a regular basis. Constantly assess what I can be doing to draw closer to people-- all people in my life, from Alex and my family to acquaintances and people I've been out-of-touch with-- and then do it.
8. Take more risks, and be less afraid of making mistakes.
9. Develop a thicker skin: be less sensitive, and take criticism better.
10. Become less stressed. Yes, external stressors exist, but I exacerbate them with my own mental patterns. And then instead of being able to really relax, I end up in an only partially relaxed state in which the back of my mind is still packed with worries. I've gotta find a better way to function.
11. Live my life with a more positive attitude and with more confidence in myself.

(Hmm. They seem to trail off from the concrete to the hopelessly vague, but the latter ones are important too, even if I can't put down numerical goals to mark my progress.)

Well, this is a pretty ambitious list, so wish me luck. And I wish the best to all of you for a wonderful 2006!
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Nature attains perfection, but man never does. There is a perfect ant, a perfect bee, but man is perpetually unfinished. He is both an unfinished animal and an unfinished man. It is this incurable unfinishedness which sets man apart from other living things. For, in the attempt to finish himself, man becomes a creator. Moreover, the incurable unfinishedness keeps man perpetually immature, perpetually capable of learning and growing.
--Eric Hoffer

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