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Monday, December 22, 2003
Oy, it's been a while, huh?

I've meant to blog so many times, and never gotten around to it. I've got some excuses, though, really! First there was the end-of-the-quarter paper writing craziness. Remind me sometime to tell you the story about the time when for the first time in my life I drank coffee at nighttime. I had 1 1/2 cups around 1 AM, attempted to go to bed at 3:30 AM so I'd be rested for an appointment I needed to be up at 9AM for, and ended up staring at the ceiling wide awake with caffeine rushing through my blood until around 7:30AM. Apparently when they say caffeine keeps you awake, they're not kidding! Well, my instant mochas never kept me up at night!

Then, since I got back, I have been using the internet connection from hell. After my sister left for college, my parents dropped the cable modem service we were using, and so when I got back and wanted to use the internet, we decided to pop in one of those free AOL CDs. I can't tell whether it's just having a dial-up connection, it's AOL's fault, or it's my computer, but not only do I get disconnected about every 5 minutes, but when I'm connected everything moves as slowly as molasses. It can take me a couple hours sometimes to get through my Northwestern mail and my Hotmail. It's pretty sad.

Plus, while luckily I've had little pain after my wisdom tooth surgery, I have been kind of tired and under the weather since then. So I haven't had the energy to wrestle with the internet any more than is absolutely necessary. But today, I'm here! And I'm sure that all of my zillions of readers who've been waiting with baited breath for an update on the fascinating goings-on in the life of Britt are now satisfied... :-/
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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Wisdom tooth surgery = December 19th.
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Nature attains perfection, but man never does. There is a perfect ant, a perfect bee, but man is perpetually unfinished. He is both an unfinished animal and an unfinished man. It is this incurable unfinishedness which sets man apart from other living things. For, in the attempt to finish himself, man becomes a creator. Moreover, the incurable unfinishedness keeps man perpetually immature, perpetually capable of learning and growing.
--Eric Hoffer

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